Global Fashion Agenda Matchmaking for Inventory Problems

May 2020

Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) has collected insights from brands and manufacturers over the last months – both to (i) inform the industry, and (ii) identify opportunities to provide support in these challenging times.

One of the key insights was that there is an immediate need to alleviate the burden of overstock/deadstock products globally; and further that there may be an opportunity to engage innovators to support. In an effort to offer immediate support, GFA will host an online matchmaking event with eight innovators to help fashion brands with their inventory problems on overstock and deadstock on 17th  June.

Next steps if you are interested:

  • Review attached material
  • Contact Nana Rothenborg and Christina Iskov by 10th June to let GFA know:
    Which innovators you would like to meet
    Your availability for meetings on 17th June
  • Hold 17th June free for pre-scheduled meetings with innovators (which GFA will pre-schedule)
  • Feel free to include anyone from your internal team or organisation that would be interested

No other preparation needed on your end – the goal is to keep this simple and straightforward!

Zoom link will be shared by GFA. 

Feel free to reach out to GFA if you have any questions.

Download the Matchmaking by Global Fashion Agenda deck here.