The State of Influencer Marketing 2020 Report by Launchmetrics

May 2020

Launchmetrics is pleased to share with BFC Designer Members their recent report on influencer marketing in 2020, the report looks at considerations as to what the past two months of COVID-19 crisis have meant for the sector. 

Launchmetrics takes a look at the fashion, luxury and beauty industries in the current uncertain climate, and alongside their analysis of data collected by over 900 brands, agencies, and influencers, they explore how the realm of  influencer marketing is changing, and what it will look like in the future.

Since the onset of this crisis, brands are evolving from a product-focused communication to a strategy that reinforces their brand  values. This also means that influencers' sponsored content has inevitably slowed in the past two months and that ‘transparent’ content resonates with the consumers in a stronger and deeper way: authenticity is now a focus more than ever.  

Download the report here to find out more.