Webinars Round-up and Resources: RSM, YouTube, Sian Westerman

May 2020

We are pleased to share a recap of last week’s webinars, including RSM’s session on planning workforce options after the Job Retention Scheme, YouTube’s session on creative content strategy for fashion week, and Sian Westerman’s session on finance, damage mitigation and planning for the future.

RSM hosted a webinar which focused on planning workforce options. With the end of the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme coming next month, RSM’s employment legal team discussed: 

  • Options (eg redeployment, remote working, short time working and, as a last resort, redundancies);
  • The workforce consultation requirements;
  • Getting the consultation wrong can cause significant damage reputationally and financially (including criminal offences and penalty awards); 
  • The risks to your CJRS reclaim. 

Listen to the webinar

Download the slides

It is important to note that the content and any advice given was accurate as of 6th May. It is crucial that before acting on anything covered in the recording, you take the appropriate steps to ensure that no details have changed.

YouTube also hosted a webinar for London Fashion Week designers to discuss how to build the right creative content strategy on that channel, including key DOs and DON’Ts and technical considerations to build a strong and consistent presence. 

Download the slides

Our new BFC Live series kicked off on 7th May with a webinar hosted by BFC President of the Business & Investment pillar and Co-Chair of the BFC Fashion Trust Sian Westerman to discuss finance, damage mitigation and planning for the future. Sian provided a round-up of the Government support options available to SMEs including loans, payment deferrals, grants and reliefs. She also focused on alternative steps to consider and how to approach the different future scenarios. 

Watch the webinar

Download the slides